Are you considering getting some extra support for a child due the sit the 11+ Test in September? We specialise in teaching Year 5 children how to perform at their maximum potential on the day, covering topics such as Verbal & Non Verbal reasoning that are not commonly taught in school. Let us take the stress out of the tests.

We offer a range of courses and venues throughout the year, and all courses are limited in numbers so we would encourage you to book as soon as possible. Please find below more information about our classes. You may also reserve a place for any of our classes by clicking on Reserve a Place beneath the class of your choice. We will then ask for a £28 deposit to secure your place which will be deducted from your first term fees. Further fee payment arrangements and timetables will be given to you at the first class.

Weekly Classes (£30 per week)

The maximum class size is 10. This enables the teachers to give one-to-one support whilst maintaining the group dynamic of support and encouragement. Children tell us they like meeting other children from different Primary schools who are also 'doing the test'. Each class is 90 minutes long.

Each week we will teach a different topic from the 11 + Test. One week we will cover Verbal Reasoning, the next it could be Maths and so on. We do NOT just give out test papers and wait for children to tell us they are struggling, as some 11+ tutors offer. At the 11+ Academy each lesson is structured so we actually teach them how to answer questions, then we issue sample 11+ questions to check learning, and homework each week is based on what we have done in class so parents too can monitor their progress.

The courses run from October –July ( we move into Revision in August )and children are welcome to join us at any time of the year. Ideally they should enrol on one of these courses at the latest by Easter in order to get the maximum benefit from the classes. However we have also seen significant movement with children who attend just a few weeks before the test.

Any practice or teaching is better than none.

The fees for the weekly classes are £30 per week for 90 minutes tuition. This includes all materials, 11+ Academy bag, refreshments and termly reports. Fees are due half termly in advance and we do not give refunds for absences. We do ensure that the children receive the missed papers when they return.

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August Revision Classes (from £16 per hour)

These classes are 3 hours long, and are designed to help your child gain confidence and build their skills with question practice for Verbal Reasoning, Non Verbal Reasoning, Maths and creative writing.

These courses will help with study techniques and time management as well as exam hints so that children will know how to read and understand questions and check their answers.

These classes are an ideal opportunity to revise an area of weakness, or fill any gaps if your child joined the classes late in the year. They are also ideal for children who have not attended an 11+ Academy class before and would benefit from intensive revision.

No classes will be repeated so VR1 is a different lesson to VR2 and we would recommend attending both in any subject if possible.

Places on these courses are strictly limited and we would encourage early booking to avoid disappointment. A deposit of £25 at the time of booking secures the place with the balance due on the 1st day of classes.

All materials and refreshments will be provided. The fees for Summer Revision Courses are £52 per 3 hour class with discounts for 4 or more classes booked.

The timetables and venues can be found on the Summer Revision Page.

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From the Students...

"“ I like it at the 11+ Academy because it helps me at school and makes things that I am not sure about a bit easier”"

“The teachers are really nice and I feel more confident about my 11 plus“

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