Are all your staff qualified teachers?

Yes. All our teaching staff have teaching qualifications and are experienced in the 11 Plus system.  We do not employ students or trainee teachers. For more details on individual staff see ABOUT US page.

Why do you only offer classes for Year 5 Children? My child is in Year 4 and I would like to join.

In our opinion a full year tuition is sufficient to ensure the child performs at their full potential in the 11+ test. We prefer to specialise in one area; 11+ preparation for Year 5 children, rather than offer general tuition for younger children. You can however register your child for when they are old enough so you are guaranteed a place.

We might like our child to enter both the Medway and Kent test, will you help us?

Yes. We prepare children for BOTH Kent and Medway 11+ test which are held in early September of Year 6. Many children sit both tests as a practice or as  hedge against failure in one of them.

Do you give homework?

Absolutely. Homework is issued each week and returned the week following submission (our tutors are too busy teaching to mark during the weekly class!). Homework is an important feedback tool for parents, children and tutors.

Will my child pass?

Of course every parent wants to know this and we understand. Our courses have inbuilt feedback assessments where you will be given scores that shows how far, or how close your child is to the historic pass thresholds in each of the subject areas. Whilst we cannot guarantee individual results, we can guarantee that your child will be fully prepared and able to perform at their full potential on the day.

I see you ask for payment half termly in advance. Do you give refunds if my child misses a class?

We will ensure that children receive any notes from the class that they missed but we cannot give refunds for absences, except in the case of prolonged illnesses.

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From the Students...

"“ I like it at the 11+ Academy because it helps me at school and makes things that I am not sure about a bit easier”"

“The teachers are really nice and I feel more confident about my 11 plus“

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