Summer Revision Classes

Is your child sitting their 11 Plus test in September?

Give them the best chance of success with our friendly, fun, professional Summer Classes delivered by Primary school teachers with years of experience in the 11+ test, from £16 per hour.*These classes are an ideal opportunity to revise an area of weakness or fill any gaps. They are also suitable for children who have not had any 11 Plus Tuition and would benefit from extra support. No classes are repeated and we would recommend attending all classes in any one subject

e.g Maths 1, 2 and 3 = a complete Maths course.

Our Revision Classes are held at 2 venues: Kings Hill Community Centre, Kings Hill ME19 4LG and St Mary’s Island Community Centre, St Mary’s Island, Chatham ME4 3EP. Click on the venue of your choice below to open up class details & prices.

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*prices vary according to the number of classes booked.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know which class/es, which venue and your child’s name to book a place.

A deposit of 10% ( minimum £25 ) will secure your booking and the balance will be due on the day of the 1stclass.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. soon as places are strictly limited and when we are full, we operate a waiting list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Maximum class size and who are the tutors?

The maximum class size is 12. All our tutors are fully qualified, experienced Primary school teachers who have years of experience helping children pass the 11+ test. They are professionals who know how to engage all the children and in such small groups all the children will benefit from attending. Unlike other summer schools, they will NOT be just sitting past papers in vast halls. At 11+ Academy we teach the children how to pass this test.

My child has attended your weekly classes, why should I book an August Class?

These classes are an ideal opportunity to boost a weak area or consolidate their learning over the year. We encourage children who have attended all year to continue with their work over August. The 11+ test is held in early September so we need to maintain the momentum over August. If you cannot attend any of our classes we encourage you to make time to study at home throughout August.

My child has not attended any of your weekly classes, can I book an August Class?

Yes of course. Our August Revision Classes are separate from the weekly classes and are booked on a first come first served basis. Any Year 5 child is welcome.

Will they get work to bring home?

No. The classes are 3 hours long and all the work will be set within those 3 hours. We believe it is still their Summer Holiday and prefer that children relax after our classes. All the materials will be kept within the classes, however you are very welcome to pop into the classroom before or after class (15 mins either side) to look at their work.

Will I get feedback about their chances of passing or failing the 11+ test?

No. These classes are not mock exams. The tutors are happy to chat to parents informally either before or after class, please ask them for an appointment. However due to venue restrictions we only have 15 mins either side of the classes available.

What are Timed Tests?

During these classes the children will be working to time. This is the opportunity to put into practice everything they have learned during their classes. They will be set questions in strict test conditions giving them experience of working under exam conditions. Even the brightest of children can be caught out by poor test technique. There are 4 Timed Test Sessions during August and no session is repeated. There will be a mix of questions (Verbal, Non Verbal, Maths & English) in each session.

My child is only entering the Medway 11+ Test, not the Kent. Do I need to come to all the sessions?

No. Some sessions are marked * Kent Only. However we encourage our parents to enter their children for both Kent & Medway 11+ Test as a hedge. Plus the skills taught for the Kent Test ( Non Verbal Reasoning and Reading Comprehension ) are valuable skills for any child so your time and money would not be wasted if they attended all our classes.

How do I book?

Please send an email, text or call us with your child’s name and chosen classes, and which venue Kings Hill or St Mary’s Island. We will then reply with a confirmation and a request for 10% (minimum £25) of the total cost as a non-refundable deposit. The balance will be due on the date of your first class.

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From the Students...

"“ I like it at the 11+ Academy because it helps me at school and makes things that I am not sure about a bit easier”"

“The teachers are really nice and I feel more confident about my 11 plus“

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