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Hi There!

First of all we are very sorry for the late response because we were waiting for Kent result as well. From our side we are really happy and pleased to have 11 plus academy near our area and we got opportunity to admit tuition in 11 plus academy for preparation on 11 plus exam. He scored 684 out of 700 on Medway test and he also pass his Kent test as well, waiting for the score from school now. Once again thank you very much 11 plus academy and teacher who gave lots of effort to help my son to get this wonderful result in 11 plus exam.


" C has passed! we are all in shock and delighted at the same time and its all down to 11+ academy. Thank you so much! "tick1

My daughter E attended your mock exam which I feel really helped with confidence.
She passed!"tick1

"Hi Tricia
Just to let you know that M passed his Kent Test, he scored 345 overall which we are thrilled with. We really think the 11+ Academy helped his confidence and it also provided him some real practical experience with regards to exam techniques and timings. M really enjoyed the classes and although he moaned about going at first after a few weeks he was seeing improvements which were also coming through in his class work. The summer sessions just reaffirmed what he needed to do and kept him on track for the exam at the start of September.

Please can you let Mrs Woodcock know as M really seemed to respond to her teaching."tick1

Re: DK
D passed Medway Test and Kent Test -
Thank you for all your help. The summer mock tests were a great help. D really enjoyed his summer lessons, and the teachers were great.
Thank you again."

Dear Tricia,
I would like to say a big Thank as I am happy to say LP passed.
I think 11 Plus Academy is an excellent group, and would recommend the 11 plus Academy to anyone.
Thank you all again."
SP tick1

" A passed!!! We were thrilled for him.
I am sure the work he did with you helped. I think the mock test was very useful in letting him know what to expect and how to manage it psychologically.
Thank you for all your help.
Best Wishes"
R tick1

" Hi LS passed !!!
We couldn't be happier for her..
She thought she failed since she found
Maths so hard but she was wrong..
Many thx for your help"

"Thank you for all the help given to Mandy. I have no doubt she would not have passed (albeit by the skin of her teeth!) without the extra tuition received from you."

Nancy Higham, October 2012tick1

"Wanted to let you know that Ellie passed her 11 plus exam.  Would like to say a huge thank you to you for helping her get through it.  The lessons really were a great help and she enjoyed them."

Linda McCullan, October 2012tick1

"Hello, My daughter Billie Smith attended your 11+ course at Kings Hill on a Wed evening. Just to let you know that she has passed her 11+, thank you so much for all your help. Your tutor explained everything so clearly. Thanks again"

Anne Smith, October 2012tick1

"Her headmaster has commented that since having private tutoring throughout the year her grades have improved immensely"

Mrs Crowfield, October 2012tick1

"We were delighted to hear that Tim had passed his 11+
Tim has sent a card to Sue Woodcock, thanking her for her help, and we were delighted with the team at 11+ Academy for well organised, structured and targeted assistance in preparing Thomas to be able to produce his best. Many thanks"

George and Anna Crowther, October 2012tick1

"We are VERY pleased with Jim's 11+ results... Thank you for the year’s lessons. Jim really seemed to enjoy them, and I have already recommended 11+ Academy to friends with children in Yr 5..."

Ali Trotter, October 2012tick1

"Thank you for giving Josh confidence in himself and practice in the methods used. It wasn't an alien concept to him when it came to the tests and we felt he had been given the best opportunity for doing his best. Many thanks"

Tina, October 2012tick1

"Thank you very much for all the help and support you gave us, it definitely played a big part in William's success."

Mrs Wragg. October 2012tick1

"We are pleased to inform you that Liz PASSED! We are so pleased and we are very grateful to you all for the help you gave her. Thanks again"

Clara Booth, October 2012tick1

"Just to let you know that Gavin passed the Kent test! I will get the individual scores from the school on Friday so will let you know what they are. Thank you so much for your help and guidance. I know that you have helped to stand Gavin in good stead for whatever path he chooses to take.'Thank you' just doesn't express my gratitude to you."

Mrs Lovell , October 2011tick1

" We were delighted with Aysha's results and felt that the excellent tuition at 11+ Academy had a major role in helping her focus over the last few months. Many thanks for your help"

Mr Lia, October 2011tick1

"Thank you for helping Adam to achieve these fantastic scores. He enjoyed your lessons and it took the pressure off at home, knowing he was being tutored by you."

Mrs Wallis October 2011tick1

 "We found the mock exam very useful for boosting Karen's confidence. I would recommend using your mock exam as it helps both parents and child get an idea of how the test will run, and what is expected."

Wendy James October 2011tick1

 " Joel said that he really felt the tuition he receieved helped him to pass the Medway Test. It also helped him get a ' head start' on topics undertaken in Year 6 Primary as he had already tackled them in 11 Plus Academy. The tuition is not only of an excellent standard but by concentrating on one subject each week helped to consolidate the lesson. The homework was of a level that Joel was happy to do and didn't take up lots of time. Joel always looked forward to his sessions and time spent at the 11 Plus Academy."

 Mrs Lewis, October 2011tick1

"Hi Tricia
I wanted to let you know how Elouise got on with her 11 plus kent test.
She passed with full marks of 420 !!!
Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement that you gave her, she couldnt have achieved such a great result without it. We can't wait for Melanie to start with you."

Ms Roberts, October 2011tick1

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